Stephen is a university graduate from the University of Dalhousie in Nova Scotia, where he studied a
BSC. In Kinesiology. Having earned an academic athletic scholarship in basketball, Stephen was awarded
an All –Canadian scholar and athlete in his sport. Stephen has been working in the health and wellness
field now for over 8 years in various capacities such as exercise/rehabilitative specialist and personal
health and wellness and fitness trainer. In addition, Stephen has worked in several clinical settings and
provided treatments such as shock wave therapy,, brace fittings, therapeutic stretching, sleeve
compression sock fittings, as well as athletic taping. Stephen is well versed in creating customized
fitness/rehab programs for people of all ages that are best suited to assist them in achieving their overall
health and wellness goals.

Stephen’s passion to help, educate, motivate, and support is highly valued which makes him an amazing
asset for all types of injuries and abilities here at Madison Sports injury and rehabilitation Clinic.