Preventing Injuries During the Holidays!

The holidays are fast approaching and there are many things to do! The holidays may be the “best time of the year” but that can change quickly with unsuspected accidents and injuries. The most common accidents during the holidays occur due to falling while decorating, slipping on ice, heavy luggage, shoveling snow, … Read More ›

Sports Injury Part 2: Common Injuries

 Sports and training injuries can occur in many different joints and muscles in the body, the most           common injuries occur in the knees, shoulder, and lower back; they can either be overuse or acute  injuries. The difference between the two types of injury is that overuse injuries … Read More ›

Product of the week!- Ortho Sleep

Sleep is a natural state of resting our body and mind to help with crucial aspects of our lives. Without a good night sleep, we can suffer from drowsiness, decreased cognitive and motor function, decreased general alertness, and overall wellbeing. Many people have disrupted sleeping patterns including trouble falling asleep, troubles staying … Read More ›