Shin Splints

Have you Ever Had Shin Splints?

What are shin splints ?  Shin splints (medial tibial stress syndrome or MTSS respectively) is known to be scientifically as “microscopic pulling of muscle fibers away from the bone where the belly of the muscle attaches directly to the bone.” According to Solomon, Soloman and Minton (2005, p.97), Shin splints started out … Read More ›

Benefits of Naturopathic Care

Benefits of Naturopathic Care

What is Naturopathic Care?  Naturopathic care is a system of primary health care that uses natural therapies to safely and effectively address the underlying cause of dysfunction in the body. The philosophies of Naturopathic care include supporting the healing power of the body, treating the whole person and encouraging preventative care. Naturopathic … Read More ›

How Often Should Athletes Visit Chiropractor?

Chiropractors are commonly associated with treating back and neck injuries, however, chiropractic is a go-to treatment for athletes across all sports. Chiropractors treat muscle and joint pain, which is the most common sports injury. Whether it’s a fall, a tackle, or a bad fall, there’s a good chance you’ll get injured and … Read More ›

Seven Tactics to Avoid Back Pain

Seven Tactics to Avoid Back Pain

What is a Back Pain?  Back pain is the most common symptom of back injury. Unfortunately, many people ignore this pain because they believe it’s not serious. Most times, they’ll call it a “stubbed toe” or “muscle pain.” But, if you have experienced back pain, you know how painful it can be. … Read More ›

Shockwave Therapy North York

Shockwave Therapy at Madison Sports Injury Clinic

Shockwave Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that delivers radial waves to injured soft tissues to relieve chronic pain and stimulate faster healing while increasing the blood circulation in these areas.