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Chiropractic Care at the Madison Clinic North York

Chiropractors are doctors who use natural health care methods to mobilize the body’s own healing abilities. They focus on the anatomy and function of the skeleton, primarily the spine, and the correction of neuro-musculoskeletal problems without the use of drugs or surgery.

Naturopathic Care

Naturopathic care is a system of primary health care that uses natural therapies to safely and effectively address the underlying cause of dysfunction in the body. The philosophies of Naturopathic care include supporting the healing power of the body, treating the whole person and encouraging preventative care.

Is Your Backpack Safe?

Schoolbooks and backpacks are a necessary part of a student’s life. When a heavy backpack filled with books is incorrectly placed on the shoulders, the weight can pull you backward. To compensate, you often bend forward at the hips or arch the back, which can cause the spine to compress unnaturally. Putting this kind of stress and strain on your body daily can, over time, lead to shoulder, neck, and back pain.

Warming up and Stretching (Injury Prevention)

Warming up prior to exercising or an event is crucial in preventing injuries, as warm muscles are less susceptible to injury. Muscles that have not been used, as a result of sitting at your desk all day for example, are very tight. Combine this with some cold winter weather, and your muscles will be extra tight. If you immediately start playing a sport or working out, your cold, un-stretched muscles are much more likely to tear. This is why it is important to warm up your muscles and stretch them out properly prior to performing your activity or working out.

Proper Raking Technique

Proper Raking Technique With Fall upon us, proper raking technique is critical in preventing injury.  Decrease your risk of injury by following these steps: Select a lightweight rake that is the proper height and size. Pace yourself and be careful of your posture.   Raking while hunched over puts extra strain on your lower … Read More ›

Tips For An Optimal Workout

Tips for an Optimal Workout Attempt to work out at the same time every day. Do not work out or exercise on an empty stomach.  Your last meal should be 1-1.5 hours prior to the start of your workout. Warm up properly (please refer our Blog on proper warm ups). Your exercise … Read More ›

Pregnancy and Back Pain

In a study of 170 Canadian women with pregnancy-related back pain, 72% reported back pain during labour. However, the women who received chiropractic care, reported less pain during both pregnancy and labour.

Shoveling Snow

Shoveling Snow Here are a few tips to help prevent injury while shoveling your driveways this winter: 1) Don’t let the snow pile up: Keep your eyes on the weather reports to find out if there will be several days of snow.  Frequent shoveling allows you to move smaller amounts of snow … Read More ›

Driving Ergonomics

Driving Ergonomics If driving a vehicle is a major activity in your life (ie. commuting, traveling, occupation), you have an increased risk of developing chronic spinal problems if you do not protect yourself. Typical Problems from Frequent Driving Neck, back, and shoulder pain Cramps, pressure points, and poor circulation in the legs … Read More ›


Osteoporosis is a condition of brittle and fragile bones that is caused by the loss of bone mass.  It is frequently associated with hormonal changes or calcium deficiency, and can affect people of any age.  Osteoporosis is much more common among women than men. From birth to the age of about 35, … Read More ›

Lifting Your Child

During the first 2 years of parenting, it is quite common to see mothers and fathers suffer from low back pain as well as shoulder and neck strain due to more lifting and less sleep.  A general stretching routine is essential as well as therapy as required by the condition. Also, keep … Read More ›