How to Ease your Feet from the Pain you get From Wearing High Heels with Custom Orthotics?

The Danger of High Heels

High heels are a commonly used fashion accessory for women, but they can also be dangerous. In fact, high heels put a lot of pressure on the ball of the foot and ankle, thus creating a higher risk for experiencing pain in these areas. “Any time you wear shoes that restrict the natural shape of your foot, you’re at risk for experiencing pain,” says an American Osteopathic Association spokesperson (2014). That being said, I’d like to affirm it is truly crucial to consult with a professional before pursuing this matter further so who knows what may be wrong with your feet!

Health effects caused by high heeled shoes. 

Aside from the uncomfortable feeling of wearing high heels with thick soles, prolonged wearing of such shoes can cause a variety of long-term health problems to develop in the muscles, bones, joints, and posture with regular wear. What may be a desired look on a social occasion or event becomes a liability when worn more regularly as it changes body mechanics and reduces one’s ability to comfortably perform daily functions. Extended use of high heels creates poor posture and decreased bone density as well as higher chances for injuries due to their raised toe position on the foot (American Osteopathic Association, 2014).

High heels

How it effects your feet itself ?

High heels can cause bunion problems in women. This is when the big toe begins to angle inwards because of the tightness at the front of your shoe. The sole of your shoe should be made in such a way to allow for free movement and so you don’t injure yourself in the process, but few high heels are made this way because it allows for an unattractive fit to the foot; they look better if they’re tighter fitting unfortunately, but all that pain isn’t worth it!

Some women choose to wear high-heeled shoes because they lengthen their leg line and make their legs look longer (Paddock, 2010). Yet there are negative consequences to the body when wearing these types of shoes. One main consequence could be metatarsalgia, which is characterized by pain in the ball area of the foot (Bending, 2012) caused by the pressure placed upon the top of the toes (Paddock, 2010). Another disadvantage is ingrown toenails. Some individuals often develop this ailment because high-heeled shoes push together toes that are already close together (Jones, 2009).

Other problems 

Heels can do some serious damage not only to your feet, but also to the rest of your body. The long-term health consequences of wearing high heels are significant. Just think about wearing 6 inch stilettos – your back foot loses its natural arch, which you get again when you get off the shoe. And wearing heels also changes your posture. The knee joint suffers increased pressure from high heel shoes because of the altered vertical alignment of the body weight with the vertical axis in a high heel shoe. And women in their 40s in particular develop back and shoulder pain when they wear high heels (Huffington Post, 2014).

How custom-made orthotics would provide a more long-term solution to the damage done by high heels? 

When we think of comfort and style, we usually picture our favorite celebrities rocking trendy and trendy booties that give them that advanced look. There is no denying the fact that boots are really popular as they provide a nice contrast, texture and color with any outfit; however, if you’ve tried yours on but feel like it’s not enough, consider investing in  orthotics as they will make your day-to-day more comfortable.

In the past, people would often wear high-heeled shoes to fit in with a style that dominates a particular era. However, the damage that high heels induce on the body has been better understood by professionals. Here at Madison Clinic in North York, we have been manufacturing custom-made orthotics for over a decade. Using a mold of your feet, we will create a custom-made orthotic that reduces the pain and stress you feel from wearing high heels.

Here at the North York Madison Sports Injury Clinic we want to provide you with the best chiropractic care possible in North York. We offer many services from chiropractic adjustments, orthotics consolations, RMT, Physiotherapy, Kinesiology and Naturopathy. Make an appointment today!

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