Strength in Numbers, Working out with a Partner

            We all have those days, the long days, where it can be almost impossible to get the exercise we need. From the most seasoned athlete to the average enthusiast no one is stranger to this struggle. However, on the toughest of days, one way to combat this is to start exercising with a partner.

A phone call or a scheduled arrangement to work out with a friend, can help you get into the routine of getting consistent exercise, none the less with great company! Once you begin working out with a friend, there’s a sense that you will each be there to motivate and support each other throughout the experience.

Whether this be pushing each other to get those last reps, or run the last kilometre, all the way to helping your partner spot weights and cheer you on through any set or distance. Another reason working out with a buddy can be great is because they will share a level of accountability that just wouldn’t be there when you are alone. On the days you struggle to get going a partner can really make sure you are sticking to you plans and achieving your fitness goals.

Working out with a partner can also be beneficial to beginners as it will help one build confidence in the gym, especially if the partner has some experience in fitness or exercising. Like in any sport or activity, learning from someone with the knowledge you wish to obtain is the fastest and smartest way to improve. Overall choosing to bring a buddy to the gym can have some positive effects to your fitness motivation, dedication and understanding in the gym or on the track. So next time you lace up the gym shoes or can’t bring yourself to lace them up, give your friend a call and get stronger together!

Looking for a Partner

Finding a friend with the same workout schedule might be hard, fortunately you can always workout with a Registered Kinesiologist. Working out with a Kinesiologist at the Madison Sports Injury Clinic feels like working out with a friend only better. Our fun and friendly Kinesiologist will personalize your exercise experience in the gym and create a workout routine focused on your physical capabilities and interests. Working out with a buddy or a kinesiologist helps build confidence.

BEFORE a workout, it’s important to take advantage and see a chiropractor. Getting an adjustment before working out helps your muscles relax and will help the movements of your joints while further correcting the spine. The Madison Sports Injury and Rehab Clinic provides all the support needed before, during and after a workout. Come alone or with a partner for an adjustment from our Chiropractor before working out. Then work out with our Registered Kinesiologist. And finally, relax those sore muscles with a massage from one of our Registered Massage Therapists. The Madison Clinic offers physiotherapy, naturopathic medicine, kinesiology, massage therapy, chiropractic care, treatment and rehabilitation of motor vehicle accidents, WSIB, compression stockings and custom made orthotics. We are conveniently located at the intersection of Yonge and Sheppard, a short walk from the Yonge-Sheppard TTC subway station in North York.

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