Want to Feel Like Yourself Again? See a Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic Medicine is a healthcare profession that emphasizes health promotion, disease prevention and treatment. Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) are licensed and provincially regulated healthcare professionals who provide primary and adjunctive care to people of all ages and treat acute and chronic conditions. NDs take time with their patients to fully understand their unique health concerns, provide consultation and appropriate treatments as well as refer to other healthcare practitioners when necessary.

While under the care of a Naturopathic Doctor, patients are encouraged to continue seeing their family doctor and other healthcare providers to receive comprehensive care. For example, if surgery is required, ND can prepare the patient for the best surgery outcomes and a quicker recovery by providing education and suggesting supplementation.

Treatment is crafted to meet patients’ individual health concerns using the naturopathic toolbox, which may include a combination of diet and lifestyle guidance, acupuncture, cupping, supplements and clinical nutrition.

For example, acupuncture is great for managing various kinds of pain (low back, neck, shoulder and knee, etc.) by providing a significant reduction in pain intensity and return to function. In comparison to muscle relaxants, NSAIDs and Tylenol, acupuncture provides greater pain relief without all the side-effects (Chou et al. 2017).

How Does Acupuncture Work?

Complaint-specific acupuncture points are selected from 300 acupuncture points located throughout the body, mostly located in small depressions in the skin. Hair-thin sterile steel needles are then inserted into acupuncture points to affect pain nerve fibers, as well as to invigorate the function of muscles, blood vessels, glands and organs. Insertion of the needles goes unnoticed by some and to others feels like a pinch followed by a sensation of heaviness, tingling, numbness, ache or warmth. Needles remain in place for about 15 to 20 minutes. Most people are pleased to find that sessions are not uncomfortable and even look forward to them. Apart from relieving pain, acupuncture may also be helpful for stress reduction, headaches, abnormal menstrual cycles and menopausal hot flashes.

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Reference: Chou R, Deyo R, Friedly J, Skelly A, Hashimoto R, Weimer M, et al. Nonpharmacologic Therapies for Low Back Pain: A Systematic Review for an American College of Physicians Clinical Practice Guideline. Ann Intern Med. [Epub ahead of print 14 February 2017] doi: 10.7326/M16-2459