How does the Weather affect your Workout?

If you’re like us, exercise has become a favourite pastime and must be included your daily schedule. Sometimes we need to take the time and plan our fitness goals or figure out the different ways to get exercise for the week. However, there is one thing you can’t plan ahead, the weather. Never fear, you don’t need to let the changing weather conditions outdoors affect your dedication and ability to workout outside once you understand how to workout in varying states of weather safely.

Let us start out by determining the conditions for when it is not a good idea to be exercising outside and we will move into discussing ideal weather and some of the ways to utilize it.

During the hot summer months here in Canada temperatures can exceed forty degrees Celsius. This heat can be extremely dangerous to be performing strenuous activity within. The heat will force the body to sweat much more than usual and the risk of dehydration is extremely possible. Heat exhaustion is a very dangerous threat at these times of year and not everyone is able to handle the hot sun the same. If you experience some difficulty in hot temperatures it is best to remain in the shade and keep to a very light exercise regimen, or heading to a air conditioned gym to stay cool on very hot day.

Then of course, Canada is no stranger to the frigid temperatures of winter and can play host to a myriad of snowstorms and freezing rain episodes. During either of these instances it is best to stay inside, however exercising in a moderately cold temperature can be very beneficial to you. When the body is cool it is forced to burn more calories to produce heat and stay warm, resulting in a calorie burning efficiency boost. Just make sure to warm up your muscles before an exercise and add an extra layer. Because your body is not facing heated weather, you will sweat less, and therefore be less prone to suffering dehydration during your workout. Working out in colder weather will also help you to stay cool and prevent overheating, like a big natural air conditioner.

If you are out in the winter or out at night, visibility can be minimal and it is recommended exercise gear with reflective surfaces or high visibility material be wore to ensure safety.

Lastly, the weather can have a large effect on motivation. Gloomy days can make the thought of exercise completely vanish, however if you push through, exercise will no doubt brighten your day. Getting exercise on a gloomy day will also help you to appreciate the days that seem to hold perfect weather conditions and you won’t be able to wait to get out there and get moving!

When the outdoors are calling for you to get out an burn some calories, build some muscle and explore the natural beauty all around, don’t let these days go by sitting inside. Working out requires a person to keep up with their body maintenance. The Madison Sports Injury and Rehab Clinic provides all the support needed before, during and after a workout. Come visit out clinic for an adjustment with our Chiropractor before working out. Work out in a well air conditioned gym with our Registered Kinesiologist when the weather conditions outside are not extraordinary. And then afterwards, relax those sore muscles with a massage from one of our Registered Massage Therapists. If you are suffering from an injury and would like to get back to working out visit our physiotherapist to have you back on your exercise routine. If you are looking for natural remedies to rest your worked out muscles book an appointment with our Naturopath to feel the effects of acupuncture or cupping.

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