Benefits of exercise for chronic pain sufferers.

Exercise is always associated with weight loss and cardiovascular health; however there are other benefits of exercise as well.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, such as from Chronic pain syndrome, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, joint pain or arthritis exercise is a great way to decreases your body’s sensitivity to pain. Exercise helps stabilizes your joints, which will in the long run assist in prevention of fractures and breaks in the bones, increases energy in the long term and increase overall quality of life.


It is important to remember during exercise to strengthen the joints and you can do so by building the surrounding muscles for greater stability. There are many options of physical activity that are easy on the joins and give enough resistance to build those muscles such as swimming, cycling, strength training (such as weight training), range of motion exercises and stretching. For Fibromyalgia it is especially important to keep moving; the more stationary the more you will feel the stiffness and the pain.

Exercise goes hand in hand with treatment, or as put by our chiropractor, passive therapy supports active therapy.  Here at the Madison Clinic in North York we offer chiropractic treatments as well as physiotherapy, kinesiology, naturopathy and massage therapy (RMT). Keep your fitness goals and visit us for any assistance you may need with pain relief.