Taking Care of Yourself

Most adults have responsibilities to their career, family, and finances.  They always seem to be in a rush.  They are too busy to take a holiday, eat breakfast, sleep, stretch, exercise, and so on.  Not surprisingly, many people suffer from a stiff neck that they have had since high school, or have frequent headaches.  Without breakfast, they are prone to early fatigue in the muscle tissues.  If these people work on computers or other stationary work occupations (70% of the population), they are particularly subject to the effects of static muscle loading, which can often lead to joint inflammation, tendon sheath inflammation, arthritis, disc trouble, an increased heart rate, higher blood pressure, and psychological disorders.

How do you improve comfort and flexibility?

1)   Eat balanced meals that contain adequate calcium and magnesium.  Also have regular snacks between meals to maintain normal blood sugar levels and muscular fuel levels.

2)   Perform a daily stretching routing (perhaps in the shower) in the morning as part of a warm-up and in the evening as a way to cool-down and relax.

3)   Stretch or move every 1-2 hours at work to reduce muscle stiffness.

4)   Exercise regularly.

5)   Consult a chiropractor for aches and pains that persist.