Custom Made Orthotics insoles at the Madison Clinic North York

What is a custom made orthotic insoles?

Most over the counter comfort insoles and gel insoles only provide a cushion effect for the bottom of your feet, which offers temporary relief but does not address the biomechanical and support structure of your feet. Custom made orthotics, however, provide individualized comfort and support which can help to relieve pressure and pain in your spine, knees, ankles and feet.

How do custom made orthotics insoles work?

Custom made orthotics are designed to align the foot and the ankle into a position that is anatomically efficient, meaning they correct your specific foot imbalance, and in doing so, stress and strain on your body is significantly reduced.

How do I wear my custom made orthotics insoles?

Like gel insoles, custom made orthotics insoles fit comfortably into your shoes, however custom made orthotics have the advantage of being made from precise images of your feet.  For the most part, your custom made orthotic will fit into any shoe you have with a removable insole.

There are different types of custom made orthotics insoles for you to choose from, including orthotics designed for sport or orthotics designed for everyday use.

Our provider, The Orthotic Group, also has many footwear options available, from dress shoes, to casual and running shoes, that will accommodate your custom made orthotics.

It is important to wear your orthotics insoles as often as possible, as the longer you wear them, the more you will benefit from them and the better you will feel.

How are custom made orthotics insoles made?

In order to fit you for custom made orthotics insoles, at the Madison Clinic North York, Dr. Rodney will perform a gait scan (which is a computerized examination of the way you walk and stand) and if necessary (as required by some insurance plans) a casting of your foot as well.

The Gait Scan technology we use here at the Madison Clinic North York is an innovative casting device that allows for precise scans of our patients’ biomechanics.  This precision ensures that our patients’ custom made orthotics are tailored to their specific needs.

Do I require custom made orthotics insoles?

Custom made orthotics insoles help alleviate many symptoms of poor foot mechanics, including: localized foot pain, arch/heel pain, leg/knee pain, hip/back/neck pain, and bunions or hammer toes.  An assessment with Dr. Rodney will inform you as to whether custom made orthotics will be of benefit to you.

For more information on the custom made orthotics that we provide, please visit

Most work place extended health care plans cover custom made orthotics. Please check the requirements and stipulations of your plan prior to your custom made orthotics assessment. Please note that it is likely that your insurance company will require a prescription for custom made orthotics from your Medical Doctor or from a Chiropodist or Podiatrist.

The Madison Clinic North York has a Chiropodist available by appointment to do an assessment and provide you with the necessary prescription. Chiropody is covered by most insurance plans.  Again, please check the requirements and stipulations of your extended health care plan prior to your custom made orthotics assessment.