Dive Back into Winter, Fight the Cold!

The snow has graced Toronto with its’ presence and we finally have our ‘white winter’. Many of us have seasonal hobbies we enjoy and for those who don’t its’ never too late to start something new. It is important to keep both our bodies and minds sharp for optimal health and well-being. The best ways to maintain our capabilities are in learning new skills or activities, or picking up something old ones. Haven’t gone skating in years? Maybe it’s time to take the kids for their first time, reconnect with your loved ones are just enjoy a winter exercise. By embracing the cold weather we learn to accept the weather conditions and even become excited for them. Making winter fun is how you survive it. Try skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, ice fishing or even bundling up for a walk to get some hot cocoa with a friend.

Staying cooped up inside is detrimental to our health both physically and mentally. Staying active with regular exercise not only helps control weight but also increases overall energy levels and boosts your immune system which will help you fight off germs that spread around this time of year. Socializing also helps strengthen your immune system by keeping you active and reducing your stress levels, so avoid the temptation to rug up on the couch all winter.

Invite friends over for dinner or host a games night, visit local museums and art galleries, wrap up warm and go for a walk in the park with your family or plan a cinema date with your partner.

The cold weather also entices us to have lots of warm stews, soups and various hot dishes. Pair exercises with a healthy diet and getting enough vitamins will ensure a healthy body for the season. Remember to get enough vitamin C to keep away that cold and vitamin D from our diet. Vitamin D we normally get from the sun however with the long hours of the day and staying indoors it is hard to get the amounts we need. Keep your fluid intake up to stay hydrated. Water is important for our bodies to stay alert and maintain proper nerve function in the body. Tea is a great alternative is you get bored with water and really hits the spot after a chilly commute home from work.

Finally remember to get a good night sleep, it is the best way to recharge after a stressful day and regulate hormone balance as well. Ensure you sleep in a dark room especially for effective melatonin secretion; melatonin is believed to help repair the immune system and will help you beat these last weeks of winter colds!

Our team at the Madison Clinic in North York always has great advice of how they beat the winter blues. We offer chiropractic treatment, physiotherapy, kinesiology, massage therapy (RMT) and naturopathy. No matter what the weather we’re always around for a quick fix and personalized care. Snow or sleet you can always schedule an appointment with us.