Finish Up Your Gardening!

Spring has sprung! And we’ve come up with some helpful tips for you green thumbs out there! Although you would assume gardening is a relatively safe and relaxed activity, there are possibilities for injury if you are not careful. Positioning your body correctly reduces strain on muscles and joints, so use these tips to ensure a happy and safe time in your garden.
• Tools
– Use ergonomically designed tools
– Try tool with padded handles
– Try spring action tools
– Make sure they are the proper weight and size for you
For example, consider a good cart, dolly, or wheelbarrow to make heavy lifting easier. Wear comfortable, thick soled shoes, sunscreen, a hat to protect your body. Use a hose instead of a watering can to water your garden because it is easier and lighter than a watering can.

• The Right Moves
– Lift Right: make sure your back is straight and you bend your knees. Carry the load close to your body.
– Alternate: Switch from heavy to light loads and go back and forth.
– Change Hands: Take the strain off by changing the positioning of your hands
– Rake Right: Put one leg in front of the other and switch legs from time to time to protect the back
– Kneel to Plant: Use knee pads to reduce the strain while planting and weeding your garden. Try and keep your back straight and take breaks!
– Change your positions: Try and change up from kneeling to standing to sitting
– Stay Hydrated: Especially when it’s hot

Hopefully some of these tips can help ensure avoiding strain or pain in the body after a hard day pulling weeds. If back or muscle pain does persist longer than 48 hours, we suggest you acquire expert help! Do not wait for it to go away by itself. Make an appointment at the Madison Sport’s Injury and Rehabilitation clinic so you can get back to yourself. Our chiropractor will offer you relief of muscle, joint and back pain. Don’t let that back pain get in the way of your favorite spring activity!