Lifting Your Child

During the first 2 years of parenting, it is quite common to see mothers and fathers suffer from low back pain as well as shoulder and neck strain due to more lifting and less sleep.  A general stretching routine is essential as well as therapy as required by the condition.

Also, keep in mind the following when lifting your child:

  • Lift even the smallest of child with your knees bent and the child close to your body.
  • Avoid twisting, particularly while holding a child when getting into a car.
  • As soon as the child can walk, give him or her as much opportunity to do so as possible.
  • Use proper equipment (e.g. a changing table instead of the floor)
  • Use a lunge-type stance if the crib does not have a moveable side.  Try to purchase a crib with a      moveable side and the ability to change the bed’s height.
  • Periodically change the direction you lay down your child in the crib so that his or her neck is not always rotated in the same direction.   This will also ensure that both sides of the parent’s body are worked equally when laying the child down.
  • Do not place your child on one hip when carrying him or her because this actually increases the strain on your back.