Customer Reviews

Don’t take our word for it — read and watch as patients tell their inspiring stories — you’ll soon discover why Madison Clinic has been rated 5-stars from day one by our clients.

An amazing place, pretty good customer service… Due to an ankle injury/cast, I had to go for to physio in another place spent all my money/insurance nothing improved. I went to Madison Clinic.. From the start my physiotherapist Slava was amazing great communication, he had a plan in place with timelines. He pushed me to improve in a matter or weeks.. Now I’m back at the gym jogging without any issue. Recommend this place to everyone!!!!!!!


Dr Rodney and his team are the best. They are my first choice for chiropractic and massage therapy. They take the time and care to ensure your medical concerns are addressed and work on a treatment plan that has always helped me go back to feeling well again.

Marie Nicholson

Very friendly and professional staffs at the clinic. The knowledge, experience, patience and care from Dr. Rodney, Slava and Dr. Ma for chiropractor, physiotherapy and naturopathic services were very pleasant and helpful. Would definitely recommend friends and family to check them out as well.

Luke CLY

I have been using the Madisson clinic for at least 3 years on and off with different physical injuries, car accident, everyone in their specific fields, either physiotherapy, chiropractic, naturopathic acupuncture or massage and even recently a new pair of orthotics, all done professionally. Everyone are all so kind and caring and ready to answer any questions. Thanks guys for all the good care.

Doris Biron Evans

I’ve been coming here for over 15 years for Massage Therapy from Mania. I call them Mania’s Magical Hands. She has gotten me through, neck injuries, rotator cuff injuries, two hip replacements and the weight of the world on my shoulders. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. Skilled, professional and very personable.

Susan Harrington

I come here for massage therapy with Julie and she is absolutely amazing!! She is by far the best therapist I have ever seen!! She is very gifted in what she does and I also love her upbeat personality. I have chronic muscle pain and my muscles are super tight, but I always feel so good after a session with her. I’ve been to other therapists before and they didn’t even come close to what Julie can do.

Kitty Apple

I was suffering from chronic back pain for a few years. Going to massage sessions or applying heat provided some temporary relief but i was hoping to get some permanent improvements. I was initially skeptical in the first physio session. But Slava was very knowledgeable and assured me that together we can achieve the results i was looking for. Two years have past and my back pain is virtually gone! He had a tremendous impact on my quality of life. Highly recommend physiotherapist!

Sasan Taghizadeh

Came in with an injury where things were looking bleak. Slava Blohkin worked patiently and diligently with me. He was very personable and made the entire experience very simple and educational. All the staff is very kind and accommodating. I’m walking now thanks to Slava and this Clinic and if you need help, be rest assured you will be taken care of.

John Han

Great experience, just started with Dr. Rodney a month ago, much different than most chiropractors I’ve been to. Takes the time to find problems to solve, not just blanket advice and treatments.. highly recommend!

Alex M

I initially attended Madison Clinic for a lower back injury because they were able to handle WSIB claims. Dr. Michael Rodney is one of the best chiropractors I have ever encountered. He’s knowledgeable, experienced, and genuinely cares about the patient. I can safely say that my back pain is gone and I plan on having subsequent appointments to keep it that way. In addition, the staff there is friendly, professional, and well prepared with safety measures during this pandemic. Highly recommend!

Francis Lee