Staying Active and Safe in the Great Outdoors this Summer

A few ideas for keeping safe on your Summer fitness journey!

It’s a wonderful feeling to know spring is right around the corner! It’s important to break away from the short cold days of winter and feel the enthusiastic embrace of the warming outdoors. There are many great ideas and ways to get your body moving while having fun and enjoying the fresh air. Always think ahead and plan out the safest way to engage in outdoor exercise, taking all the necessary precautions and safety measures. Running, walking and hiking are three great ways to get out and active this summer. Let’s discuss the benefits of these activities and also go over some of the things to think about regarding safety before leaving and while out of the house.

During the warmer days of spring I personally enjoy to run. Running is a great outdoor activity in any location. My biggest issue with running however was knowing and understanding my ability. If you are just a beginner, like I was, it’s important to start small and slow. Starting too fast and overestimating your route will feel exhausting and burn you out.  In hotter temperatures it’s important to think about safety. It is very easy to overheat in the hot Canadian summer climate, when temperatures cook up into the high thirties. Always bring an ample supply of water to keep hydrated and don’t be hesitant to stop and take a breath to cool down in the shade. Advanced runners will have already found and understood their level of ability and endurance, they know too that there is nothing wrong with a simple break to allow your body a slight recovery when temperatures are higher than usual. We want to push ourselves but never at the extent of our overall health. Another simple safety tip is to check over your gear before leaving. Making sure your shoes are tied tight, you have properly fitting clothes and perhaps even the right motivational musical playlist.

Properly fitting clothes is essential to safety as loose clothing can get caught or stepped on while running causing one to fall. A way to stay out of the major risks of overheating is to run in the morning, evenings or at night. If you choose to run in low light situations, it’s vital to remember to keep an eye on your surroundings and to wear reflective indicators or clothing to alert others of your presence. If you’re running after dark its always smart to take a friend! Not only is it great company and motivation to bring a workout partner, there is safety in numbers incase of any emergency.

Walking safety is similar to running safety. The main ideas to walking safely this summer could be; choosing a safe environment to walk in, letting someone know where you’ll be walking and what time you left at, don’t walk too far on your first time out, and remember to keep your head up and enjoy the sun!

Perhaps the greatest way to enjoy the outdoors for anyone looking for an adventure is to go hiking! Canada is so full of beauty you don’t need to go far to see the abundance of nature this great country has to offer! For residents who don’t live in the northern reaches of Ontario it is still very easy to find fun and exciting places to hike! Toronto’s High Park is a super accessible green space that is wonderful to hike within, especially in the early spring while the cherry blossoms are out. Another hot spot to hike near Toronto is Tommy Thompson Park! While only minutes away from the heart of the downtown area, Tommy Thompson Park boasts an incredible view of Lake Ontario while situated in surroundings full of wildflowers and marshlands. A quick internet search can provide plenty of potential hikes near and far to the city, all with different levels of difficulty. When selecting and planning a hike, as with running, select a location with terrain that you can manage for your first time. Remember to pack the essentials and to check the forecast before venturing out, no one wants to get caught in a storm out on the trail! Proper footwear for hiking is a must. While High Park is a lighter level and has paved pathways to walk along, other trails can boast rolling hills, wooded areas, and wet conditions. It is important to have footwear that can grip the ground extremely well to keep from slipping or stumbling. Also, if your chosen route passes along rivers or marshy areas, waterproof footwear can prevent uncomfortable situations. Dress according to the forecast and remember, Mother Nature is in control and our fitness and leisure needs to revolve around her plans.

Checking these simple and quick safety tips before heading out of the house won’t take any time at all! Knowing the potential risk for danger or injury will allow you to focus more on enjoying your time outdoors with a free mind. Not to mention a healthy body!

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