Unique you; unique naturopathic nutrition advice

Weight loss, better sex, glowing skin, loads of energy, improved sleep, resilient immunity and stable mood; these are but a few of the benefits of optimal nutrition. Yet, in this world of ever changing recommendations, who knows what to really eat anymore? As a naturopathic doctor and expert on nutrition, this is one of the main complaints I hear from patients who are confused and frustrated with all the conflicting information, and disappointed when the latest diet craze doesn’t lead to results. If that’s the case, is what you eat really that important?

Yes! Every cell in your body is made up of and fueled by everything we eat. That’s why you really are what you eat! And since we are all unique, our nutrition needs are as unique as we are! That’s right, what you put in your mouth probably shouldn’t be the same as your co-worker in the next cubicle. While there are basic nutritional components that we all need, like consuming enough vitamins and minerals, the composition of your individual, optimal diet should be as unique as your genetic blueprint. This means not only the type of food you eat, but how it is prepared. That is why I do not recommend a raw vegan diet to all patients; in fact, depending on their symptoms, I may recommend that a patient lightly cooks all their food and incorporates more animal protein. I also use food sensitivity testing and hypoallergenic diets to find out what my patients’ immune systems are really saying about what foods they find offensive and what foods are friendly to them.

As a naturopathic doctor I can tell you that another surprising realization for many of my patients is that their diets may need to change drastically at different points in their life depending on their state of health and levels of stress, even if they had a healthy diet before. Essentially, food is medicine. Various health conditions can be treated with simple changes to our diets. Consequently, I spend a great deal of time with my patients teaching them about their bodies and how to recognize when their body is asking for a change. In this way, I empower them to take control of their health by helping them understand nutrition.

Indeed, food is a powerful thing – it can either rejuvenate you and help you live a better life, or make you down right ill. I guarantee that if you start addressing what you put in your mouth, and gain an understanding of your unique naturopathic nutritional needs, the effects will permeate every facet of your life! Make an appointment with your naturopathic doctor in North York at the Madison Clinic