What are the Causes to Knee Pain

Running & Exercise somehow increase Knee Pain

Running and exercise tend to bring up strange but exciting side effects, according to an article found online. The sun setting earlier in the day, leaves changing color, and the weather changing from summer into fall… All of these are just some examples of changes that are significant going into a new season. Some people enjoy these seasons especially if there is mild change over time… This includes sports activities such as hockey and soccer. Winter season can be especially interesting for kids who like being outside in the snow, sledding or playing with snowballs. Those who play long-term sports during this period may acquire some injuries which can somehow increase knee pain over time! These side effects usually get better overtime if you have a rest period during the winter season and make sure you do not play your favourite sport for example soccer before it gets too cold outside.


One form of treatment for patients experiencing the painful symptoms of knee osteoarthritis is chiropractic manipulation to increase joint function and reduce pain. Lower extremity nerve entrapment, or entrapment neuropathies, can produce symptoms similar to knee osteoarthritis; one such cause of this condition is marathon running (Compton 2009). There are two types of surgery: an open procedure which requires large incisions and a minimally invasive one which uses endoscopy or arthroscopy as an aid to straighten the lining of affected nerves (Herman 2010). For many athletes with iliotibial band syndrome, surgical intervention is not an option due to a fear of scar tissue formation, as well as other concerns about long-term effects from surgery on their athletic performance.

What are the causes to Knee Pain

Weather Imapcts the Performance of Nerve 

The change in the weather can have great influence on nerve performance. The nervous system is what controls and coordinates every function that the human body does, sending messages to the brain and vice versa. With chronic pain, over time our nerves become more sensitive from injury or inflammation or scarring. Pressure changes will impact nerve more, causing a decrease in proper function and completion of tasks of daily living. When there’s interference in the communication to the brain our nervous system doesn’t work as well, consequently affecting our body’s ability to adjust. Nerve interference can be removed through gentle chiropractic adjustments. Gentle adjustments take the pressure off the nerve, removing any interference or irritation, which can clear up even minor discomforts for patients suffering from sensitivities due to pain.

How Orthotics helps to Overcome knee Pain

People who have Knee pain may benefit from wearing supportive footwear or custom made insoles, as well.

For example, overpronation (pronation) of the foot is a common occurrence where the foot rolls inwards (medial roll-over). This can make the knee appear to ‘bow’ outwards towards the other leg and thus irritate existing knee pain. Orthotic devices are designed to change or support the way in which a person walks, providing arch support and/or alignment correction by redistributing weight throughout areas such as the ankle and/or sole of foot. This helps distribute ground force more evenly and allows for better alignment of both knees as individuals walk; lessening pain associated with these conditions.

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