Chiropractic Advice About Running on Your Knees and Nerves

The winter months are over and many people are switching to lighter gear, putting away their snow shoes, and taking out their beach towels. You may see more sporty people than usual headed to the park when it’s warm outside. Measuring your heart rate is one way that you can stay fit. Keeping fit involves training your heart muscles so they can better pump blood throughout your body as well as your lungs’ muscles so you can breathe more easily while clearing out the carbon dioxide in your system. You might want to consider taking up physical activity during different seasons to ensure you’re keeping up with various goals which will increase functionality into old-age by preventing muscle loss or at least ensuring you have some reserves built up just in case a dangerous or emergency situation calls for it.

How Can Chiropractic Manipulation Help?

Chiropractic manipulation has been shown beneficial to increase joint function and reduce pain from osteoarthritis and other pain related circumstances in the knee, such as nerve entrapment. Nerve entrapment can be caused by marathon running, leaving runners experiencing muscle fatigue or excessive tightness in their hip rotators. Nerve entrapment treatment is commonly done through surgery but pain can be managed through a less-invasive approach of manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation.

The pressure changes that come with the change in the weather can have great influence on nerve performance. The nervous system is what controls and coordinates every function that the human body does, sending messages to the brain and vice versa. With chronic pain, over time our nerves become more sensitive from injury, inflammation or scarring. Pressure changes will impact nerve more, causing a decrease in proper function and completion of tasks of daily living. When there’s interference in the communication to the brain our nervous system doesn’t work as well, consequently affecting our body’s ability to adapt. Nerve interference can be removed through gentle chiropractic adjustments. Gentle adjustments take the pressure off the nerve, removing any interference or irritation.

Implementation of orthotics has been shown beneficial in providing symptomatic relief of knee pain. For example, overpronation, when the foot ‘rolls in’, can change the alignment of the knee and agitate existent pain from conditions such as osteoarthritis.  By changing the distribution of weight through the ankle and foot, acting as a cushion and ultimately influencing the distribution of force through the knee, orthotics can help adjust the alignment of the knee and reducing pain.

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Along with chiropractic adjustments and orthotics, moderate exercise is beneficial for strengthening joints and completes the triad for optimal knee joint health to prepare you for getting back on the field or the track come the summer.

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