Benefits of Naturopathic Care

Benefits of Naturopathic Care

What is Naturopathic Care?  Naturopathic care is a system of primary health care that uses natural therapies to safely and effectively address the underlying cause of dysfunction in the body. The philosophies of Naturopathic care include supporting the healing power of the body, treating the whole person and encouraging preventative care. Naturopathic … Read More ›

Are You Spring Ready? Tips for Conquering This Season

Spring has finally sprung, and now is the best time to focus on living a wellness lifestyle; check out these helpful tips! Combatting Allergies Looking for natural ways to fend off seasonal allergy symptoms? Sometimes the solutions are simple! Keep allergens out! Keep windows closed or certain rooms pet-free to limit your exposure. … Read More ›

Natural Relief for Sciatic Pain

For gentle, natural relief from sciatic pain, chiropractic tops almost every list… and for good reason! Studies have demonstrated its effectivity on sciatic symptoms, and unlike medications or surgeries, there are no side effects. Chiropractic care may help you find relief in the long run, especially if you keep up with it, … Read More ›

6 Ways to Help You Ditch The Neck Pain!

Let’s Talk About Your Neck Pain Do you work a desk job? Have you been in a recent car accident? Maybe you just text a lot and you’re constantly looking down at your phone. Depending on the cause, neck pain can come in a variety of different forms and severities. If you’re … Read More ›

Probiotics – What you need to know about our friendly bugs

Anti-bacterial soap. Antibiotics. Alcohol hand sanitizers. All bugs are bad, right? In fact, not all bugs, or microbes are bad. Many are good and without them our digestive systems wouldn’t be as healthy. What are probiotics? Probiotics are live food or supplements that when consumed, maintains or restores beneficial bacteria to the … Read More ›

Want to Feel Like Yourself Again? See a Naturopathic Doctor

Naturopathic Medicine is a healthcare profession that emphasizes health promotion, disease prevention and treatment. Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) are licensed and provincially regulated healthcare professionals who provide primary and adjunctive care to people of all ages and treat acute and chronic conditions. NDs take time with their patients to fully understand their unique … Read More ›